Thursday, 21 February 2013

Current Events by Caitlin

Current Event Week 3 Term 1

 Residents Flee Happy Valley Scrub Fire
A large scrub fire in Wellington almost burnt 30 houses down in Happy Valley. Seventy residents had to leave their houses and sleep at an emergency shelter at Happy Valley School. The large scrub fire happened Thursday morning at about 2am. The fire service assistant Brett Lockyer said they are still investigating on how the fire started. They know that someone had started the fire on purpose. I think that who ever started the fire should get punished hard. I hope that they find the person who did it. It won’t be a very Happy Valley anymore.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Reflecting on my African Animal artwork

Reflecting on my Silhouette Painting 

 1. Are you pleased with your Silhouette painting? why / why not? 
Yes because the colours show up very well with my hippo 

 2. What did you find easy when you created your silhouette painting? 
Tracing over my hippo because you only needed to press hard over the paper when I traced it 

 3. What part did you find tricky when you were creating your Silhouette painting? -think about blending of colours, tracing round your animal and painting within your animal. 
Painting within my animal because I had to paint within the lines 

 4. Who / What helped you when you were painting? 
Miss Paton, Miss Nichol and Angel 

 5. What would you do differently next time? Think about: blending of colours, animal choice, presentation. 
Blending of the colours so the sunset really stands out 

 6. What frustrated you when you created your Silhouette painting? Tracing the hippo because we had to stay still when we created our artwork

Monday, 18 February 2013

My Personal Timeline

This is my Personal Timeline. It shows you when I was born and the milestones in my life it also shows all the things up to this year.

Friday, 8 February 2013

All about me by Caitlin

Kia Orana my name is Caitlin. I am 9 years old and my teacher is Miss Paton. This is my second year in Room 5. In my spare time I like playing sports-Netball Softball T-ball. My favourite food is Pizza. My favourite movies are Twilight and Pitch Perfect. Over the holidays I went to Mission Bay and Eastern Beach also we went to the swimming pools. In Room 5 I would like to finish my work in the time given.