Friday, 3 May 2013

The Movies by Caitlin

Today I went with my family to Albany Movie Theatre to watch Escape to Planet Earth. It is about 2 Alien brothers. The youngest brother is a Astronaut to his countrie and h is also known as a hero and the older brother works in Mission Control but one day the younger brother had an important mission to do it was to go to the Darkest planet of all. Planet Earth. I wont tell you the rest so you can go and see it yourself here is a picture of what the movie looks like.


Patrick said...

Hey Caitlin

I liked how you pronounced the story of the movie escape from planet earth.

Tim said...

Hi Caitlin,

It looks like the movie was cool to watch. I hope that was a wonderful movie. Keep up the good blogging

By Tim

Jessie said...

hey Caitlin

I really like your story about Plant Earth and that was a cool movie and your story is wonderful story

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