Monday, 27 May 2013

Should Homework be Compulsary by Caitlin

Should Homework be Compulsary for students all around the world
*You can move up levels in reading and writing
*You learn new things like basic maths facts
*When you get a job you would know a lot of things already
*You will get a good education
*It helps you learn more things
*The teacher can find out what kinds of skills you have
*It will help you improve your learning
*You can do your homework at school and at home.
*Trees are being wasted on paper that sometimes they throw away without using them
*Sometimes people don’t have a long amount of time to do their homework
*People get it wrong and they mark it right because the teacher didn’t see them
*Cause stress on children because no one is helping them
*You might not have internet at home.


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