Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My own Narrative by Caitlin

My Narrative Once long ago there were three girls. The girls names were Zoey, Claudia and Melanie. They always had fun together and they had exciting stories to tell each other. They were kiwis. One day Claudia and Melanie went for a holiday with their families. Melanie went to Australia and Claudia went to America. They were away for two weeks. That meant that Zoey was by herself. She didn’t like the feeling that she had no one to hang out with so she decided to take her dog out for a walk.The dog’s name was Jumbo. He was a big dog. Jumbo always liked going for walks because she liked running around in the fresh air. Melanie was having so much fun that she had so many stories in mind to tell Zoey and Claudia. She would always send postcards to Zoey telling her about what she was doing and what she had been up to. Claudia always sent postcards to Zoey so she was updated on what she was doing. Claudia and Melanie were feeling sad because they weren't hanging out together. Zoey's parents decided that they needed a holiday so they went to Australia. Zoey shouted “Yay we might see Melanie”. The next morning they got up early, got dressed and drove themselves to the airport. Their flight finally came, Zoey was so excited on the plane. She always looked out the window to see if they were near land. Zoey fell asleep on the plane. They arrived in Australia. They left the Airport to find their car that they had rented. They were driving through Australia to find their Hotel that they were staying in. Their Hotel was in the Gold Coast. It was very big but Zoey didn’t know that Melanie was in the Gold Coast. She staying at the same Hotel as her. Zoey and her family went to a theme park each day . A week had already passed and it was time to go home. She felt happy because Melanie and Claudia were coming back from their holiday but suddenly Zoey got a call from Melanie. Melanie said “My plane has broken down and we won’t be back. We might not make it back”. Zoey felt worried. It is a problem she thought. She didn’t know what to do she was panicking until she came up with an idea. She told the airport that she needed to save her friend. They asked a pilot to take the emergency helicopter. So she could find the plane and save all the passengers in it. She saw a plane that wasn’t flying and said “I think that is Melanie’s plane”. They flew down and tried to help them. Luckily they were just in time. They bought a little bit of gas to fill the plane. The plane started to fly again, everybody shouted “Yay we are saved”. They made it back to the airport successfully. Claudia just landed at the airport. She saw Zoey and Melanie. So she ran out of the plane and went to hug Zoey and Melanie. They all were happy that they were back where they belonged.They had lots of stories to tell each other and they lived happily ever after.


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