Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Narrative on Judith the old lady

The grumpy old lady
 Once long ago lived an old lady named Judith and she lived in Mangere. Judith was always grumpy, she never had any friends because people thought she was a meany. Everytime little kids stepped on her lawn she would run outside and tell them to get lost and don’t come back. She even scared the mailman. Judith didn’t have very good eye sight, she had to wear glasses. 

Judith lived in a small house. She didn’t mind because it was just her living inside her house. One day Judith won some tickets to go and see the Jgeeks perform live. She said to herself “Who are the Jgeeks ?”. “I guess I have to wait and see”. The next morning she woke up at 12:00am and got dressed. The concert started at 4:00pm. She had a car but it wasn’t flash.

 It was time to go she said “ Hopefully there is no noise at the dance performance”. She grabbed her car keys and hopped in her car. She was driving along the motorway. Suddenly her car broke down and there was a lot of traffic she cried “ What am I going to do?”. She was asking everybody if they could help “ HELP ME CAN, SOMEBODY HELP ME” but all people were doing were winding up their windows and ignoring her. 

Until an old couple said “ I will help you”. They were both very old. The old man and the old lady were 62. The man had some cables to try and make the car go. He tried and tried but it didn’t work until the car made a noise. The car was finally working. It was too late for her to go to the concert, so she said thank you to the old man and his wife. She went home and never talked about that moment again. Her moods after this experience with changed for the better. She decided to look at herself and her and own actions. Judith thought life was too short to be miserable and to be much more calmer towards others. She had become nice and she lived happily ever after.


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