Thursday, 27 June 2013

Still Images by Caitlin

This is my still image of Jim from Treasure Planet using his windsurfer.

Term 2 Quiz Results by Caitlin

Quiz results by Caitlin

This is a Quiz graph Me and my Partner (Angel) scored %100.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Argument Should Homework be made compulsory?

Should Homework be made compulsory in school?

I believe that Homework should be made compulsory in schools because it will help you when you are older and it will help you improve your grades. Homework helps you learn new things.

Homework helps you with moving up Reading and Writing levels. It also helps you when you are sitting an AsTTle test. Homework helps students learn new skills in all subjects like Reading, Writing and Maths. Also it will help you to make big improvements in your learning. If you do your homework you will find sitting tests easy because you will know a lot of information  on the subject that your test is on.

Homework builds a partnership with the parents. This gives an opportunity for the parents to get involved in their child's learning. Homework allows parents to help their  child with their learning and it lets the parents see what they are studying at school. Some parents do not work so they will be able to help their child with his/her learning.

Homework helps children gain new knowledge at school and home. If some children are not that smart homework will help them to become smarter. When you get a job the information that you learnt at school will come in handy. Also at university it will help you with your studies. Homework is good for your brain as you learn new information.

Overall I think that homework should be compulsory as it boosts children’s learning. It has helped me perform well when I sit tests in class.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Speech by Caitlin

My Speech - Should animals be treated equally with humans

I think that animals should be treated equally with humans because they are living creatures that need looking after. Almost everyday animals like cats and dogs are found in dangerous places because  their owners do not feel the need to look after them anymore. Animals are abused nearly everyday and it isn’t very nice. There are different kinds of animals like Cows, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Polar Bears, Lions, Tigers, Cats and Dogs.
Animals have hearts as well that is why we should treat them equally.

Some dogs don’t get dog houses so on cold winter nights they have to sleep outside. Also some cats have loving homes where the owner looks after them and other owners just let their cat walk off and it won’t know which way to come back. People treat their animals like they don’t care about them. When people get an animal like a dog, cat or a fish it seems exciting at the time but then when they have had them for a long period of time they start to ignore their needs. Humans like us get treated nicely but we are not thinking about the animals and how they feel. No one or thing should be treated that way because it will hurt their feelings

According to 3-4 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there are not enough people to adopt them. Animals can be found in Zoo’s. They get looked after very well and never get treated badly when they are in a Zoo. Animals are given food and water to drink because the zookeepers try their best to keep them alive and healthy. Animals in a zoo get fresh air and they get to see people walking past them.

Animals need to be protected because they do not know what lies ahead. Dangerous things can happen to pets and you may not see them again. They can get run over or even stolen from their homes and family. Some people just think about themselves and nothing else.

Animals all need food and water to survive. A lot of pet owners ignore their pets when they should be looking after their pets. When you buy a family pet you commit to looking after it and giving it all the love it needs to have  a good life.

The Royal SPCA assist animals with problems so they can help them when they are dying and need to bring them back to health. The SPCA adopts animals out and takes care of them because they are willing to spend their time looking after a helpless little pet. Most of the animals that you find in the SPCA are usually Cats, Dogs, Birds like parrots and more. They also have Bunnies. The bunnies get all the food and water it needs. SPCA takes the animals out of the cage sometimes to take the animals for a walk because it is important for them to get exercise.

To sum it all up I think that animals should be treated equally because they are really nice to play with and fun to have them as a family pet.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Maths Whizz results by Caitlin

This is my Maths Whizz results I have improved.

My Speech on Animals by Caitlin

Caitlin speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

This is my speech about Animals Please leave comments. To view my speech just click the link at the top.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Quiz results by Caitlin

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This is a Graph of room 5s Quiz results this week me and my partner (Samantha) scored 100%

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Past and Present Venn Diagram by Caitlin

This is my Past and Present Venn Diagram.

My Speech Rubric by Caitlin

The Speech Competition Rubric
Assessor: _latham________________________                                      Performer: _______________caitlin_____________
Please give honest feedback to your chosen performer. They will work on the feedback you give.
Not using any expression at all in the speech. Sounds like a robot. Does not use the punctuation. Words do not flow
Using some expression for certain parts of the speech. Reverts back in sounding like a robot in some places.
Uses expression in most areas, but not all. Starting to make voice go high and low in certain parts. Starting to get into the role and use punctuation.
Uses expression throughout the speech. Making voice go high and low in all parts.
Opens mouth wide so that words flow.
Loud clear voice
Reads in a very soft voice e.g. whisper. May mumble during speech. Words / sentences are very unclear and may not be understood by the audience.
Projects voice in some parts, but may revert back to soft / mumbling voice. Not all words / sentences may not be understood by the audience.
Projects voice in most parts, but may mumble, or speak softly in 1-2 sentences / words. Most words are understood by the audience.
Projects voice throughout the performance. Voice is loud and clear. Every word / sentence is understood by the audience.

Eye Contact

The performer refers to the speech / cue cards during for the entire contest. No eye contact given to the audience

The performer refers to the speech cue cards for some parts. The performer looks at the audience during some parts of the speech contest.

The reader looks at the audience and gives eye contact to the audience most of the time.

Eye contact is given throughout the contest. The performer gives eye contact to the audience during the entire speech contest.
Knowledge of the speech
Reads directly from the cue cards. Strongly relies off the cue cards during the contest. Does not know speech very well. Loses own place regularly and relies off cue cards.
Knows some parts of the speech, but is still reliant on the cue cards. Follows the text for most parts. Still reliant on cue cards to get through the contest. May lose place.
Knows most parts of the speech off by heart.
Follows the text.
Could easily perform the speech without the cue cards.
Knows the speech off by heart. Memorized the speech.

Maths Whizz results by Caitlin

This is my Maths Whizz results. I have attempted 9 exercises and 6 tests.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Drama with Mrs Eeles by Caitlin

This is a picture from Drama. In Drama we are learning how to create a Freeze Frame. In this picture we are in a Freeze Frame about the present. Samantha is the teacher and Fine, Angel and myself played the roll of the students on there netbooks.

My Quiz Results by Caitlin

This is Room 5s Quiz graph. Me and my partner (Jharda'e) scored 100%

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Scale drawing by Caitlin

This is my scale drawing of my classroom. Miss Paton’s desk is opposite the art area. One of the computers is opposite the whiteboard. The netbook cupboard is opposite the bookshelf. Miss Paton’s cupboard is diagonally across from the back door.

Monday, 10 June 2013

My Maths Whizz results by Caitlin

This is my Maths Whizz results. As you can see I have attempted 8 exercises and 7 tests. The time that I have spent on maths whizz is 45 minutes. We have to spend at least 40-60 minutes on Maths Whizz.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My recount on Des Hunt by Caitlin

One cold winter morning Room 5, Room 7 and Room 8 went to the theatre to see Des Hunt. Des Hunt is New Zealand author who enjoys doing Physics and Chemistry. He lives in the Coromandel penisual with his dog Puku. He use to be a Chemistry and Physics teacher. His mascot is a cat Puffy. He told us that puffy was real but he got ran over at the age of 16. Dez Hunt was born in Palmerston North. Des Hunt described to us what his books were about. I was amazed by all the experiments that he showed us. My favourite was when he poured these chemicals into a jar filled with water then he put a light behind it. It created a mini whirlpool. I enjoyed the Des Hunt visit.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Quiz Graph by Caitlin

This is my Graph on the Quiz we did for Current Events me and my partner (Samantha) scored 100%.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My comment to Mya by Caitlin

This is my comment to Mya on her Zanny story.

My comment to Room 2 by Caitlin

This is my comment to Room 2 on there new T.V.

My Netball game by Caitlin

Today I had my Netball game at the AMI Netball courts near G.I. My team nearly won but we lost by 2 points the score was 2-4 to the other team. We had to play in the rain. I play GS and GA so I am basically a shooter. Netball is one of my favourite sports,.

My Maths Whizz results by Caitlin

This is my results on Maths Whizz. I have improved.

Technology Education Timeline by Caitlin


This is my Timeline on Technology of the Past. I used Google Draw to create my Timeline.

Monday, 3 June 2013

My results on Maths Whizz by Caitlin

This is what I am doing in Maths Whizz. I am learning about Properties of Numbers.

My Xtra Maths results by Caitlin

This is my Xtra Maths results on Multiplication.