Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Speech by Caitlin

My Speech - Should animals be treated equally with humans

I think that animals should be treated equally with humans because they are living creatures that need looking after. Almost everyday animals like cats and dogs are found in dangerous places because  their owners do not feel the need to look after them anymore. Animals are abused nearly everyday and it isn’t very nice. There are different kinds of animals like Cows, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Polar Bears, Lions, Tigers, Cats and Dogs.
Animals have hearts as well that is why we should treat them equally.

Some dogs don’t get dog houses so on cold winter nights they have to sleep outside. Also some cats have loving homes where the owner looks after them and other owners just let their cat walk off and it won’t know which way to come back. People treat their animals like they don’t care about them. When people get an animal like a dog, cat or a fish it seems exciting at the time but then when they have had them for a long period of time they start to ignore their needs. Humans like us get treated nicely but we are not thinking about the animals and how they feel. No one or thing should be treated that way because it will hurt their feelings

According to 3-4 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there are not enough people to adopt them. Animals can be found in Zoo’s. They get looked after very well and never get treated badly when they are in a Zoo. Animals are given food and water to drink because the zookeepers try their best to keep them alive and healthy. Animals in a zoo get fresh air and they get to see people walking past them.

Animals need to be protected because they do not know what lies ahead. Dangerous things can happen to pets and you may not see them again. They can get run over or even stolen from their homes and family. Some people just think about themselves and nothing else.

Animals all need food and water to survive. A lot of pet owners ignore their pets when they should be looking after their pets. When you buy a family pet you commit to looking after it and giving it all the love it needs to have  a good life.

The Royal SPCA assist animals with problems so they can help them when they are dying and need to bring them back to health. The SPCA adopts animals out and takes care of them because they are willing to spend their time looking after a helpless little pet. Most of the animals that you find in the SPCA are usually Cats, Dogs, Birds like parrots and more. They also have Bunnies. The bunnies get all the food and water it needs. SPCA takes the animals out of the cage sometimes to take the animals for a walk because it is important for them to get exercise.

To sum it all up I think that animals should be treated equally because they are really nice to play with and fun to have them as a family pet.


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