Monday, 3 December 2012

My Recount on Traffic Light Jelly

Traffic Light Jelly
 One sunny morning my class Room 5 made Traffic Light Jelly. I love jelly but I have never tried Traffic Light Jelly before it will be a new flavour for me. To make our jelly we needed to boil some hot water, two cups of ice, wooden spoon, measuring cup, plastic cups. We made the Traffic Light Jelly after morning tea. Miss Paton and Mrs Kelly helped Room 5 make the Traffic Light Jelly. The first thing we had to do was wash our hands. When we all came back from washing our hands the table had all the equipment that we need to make the Traffic Light Jelly. I had to open the Jelly box full of jelly crystals then I poured it into the bowl. Miss Paton chose two people to pour in the boiled water. I got to stir the jelly mix with the wooden spoon.

 I had to make sure that there were no more jelly crystals at the bottom of the bowl. Next we had to pour in two cups of ice, mix it and when we couldn’t see any more ice in the bowl it was time to put the jelly in our plastic cups. We put in 6 tablespoons of green jelly only half the class got to fill up their plastic cups. Me, Angel, Isabella and Taryn helped Miss Paton take the plastic cups to the Hall kitchen. We had to wait for 15 minutes until we went back to go and get them. Finally it was past 15 minutes, we went with Mrs Kelly to get the cups out of the freezer. We got back and were ready to put the orange on top of the green jelly. We took the cups back to the freezer. The jelly is waiting to be taken out. Now it is time to do the red jelly we do the same things that we did for the orange and green. We had to go to the Hall kitchen to get the cups full of jelly out of fridge. When we got back from getting the jelly out of the fridge we put in the red jelly YUMMY it definitley looks like Traffic Light Jelly. I think I will enjoy eating the Traffic Light Jelly. I really had fun making Traffic Light Jelly I hope we will be making the jelly again.


Asmah said...

Hi Caitlin

I like your recount is very interesting and it seems you all had lots of fun making it. Keep up the great learning


Quaid said...

Hi Caitlin
I like your Traffic light jelly Recount.
It is fascinating. Keep up the great work
By Quaid

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