Monday, 8 July 2013

My Arguement: Should Panmure Bridge School have a cafeteria by Caitlin

Should Panmure Bridge School have a cafeteria?

I believe we should have a school cafeteria at Panmure Bridge School because it would be good for students that always come late and a cafeteria would help them save time in the morning. Also a cafeteria could provide healthy food.

Firstly, A cafeteria would save a lot of time instead of going to the shop and coming late to school because you would know that there is a cafeteria at your school. It also saves money because there would be lots of food in the cafeteria and some cafeterias are even free.

Secondly, a cafeteria would help improve the students health and would help them stay fit and healthy. At least 17% of children in the United States of America are obese because of the junk food that is being served in cafeterias. Most cafeterias have a variety of healthy food.

Thirdly, Instead of parents rushing around because they are trying to make their lunch the parents can give them some money to go to the cafeteria and buy him or her self some lunch. Some children don’t like what they get in their lunch so they throw it away but luckily they would know that they have a cafeteria at their school where they can buy food they like.

I think that Panmure Bridge should have a cafeteria because it would save parents time instead of rushing around they can give their child a couple of dollars so they can get something from the cafeteria\tuckshop, a cafeteria could serve healthy food so it makes the students fit and healthy and children might not like there lunch so they throw it away but they know that they have a cafeteria at their school. These are my reasons why we Panmure Bridge should have a cafeteria.


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Hi Caity,
I think that your argument is very detailed. Your argument is really awesome so keep up the great work.


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