Friday, 8 November 2013

Drama with Mrs Eeles

Yesterday we had drama with Mrs Eeles. We were doing mimedactions. In my group was Fine,
Samantha, Angel and myself. What I really liked about drama was that we were acting things that we can use water for. Mrs Eeles gave us 4 pictures and each of us had to choose one. I choose the boat, Samantha choose the powerline, Angel choose the trees and Fine was a bridge. I went under Fine because she was the bridge. Angel waved her arms like it was windy and Samantha made loud noices.
When it was time to present I felt nervous. We had to number ourselves from 1-4. I was number 1, Fine was number 2, Angel was number 3 and Samantha was number 4. We moved in the order of numbers. I really enjoyed showing our moves. I felt happy that I could do it with my friends.


Mrs Eeles said...

I'm glad Caitlin that you enjoyed showing your moves. We will give this a go again next week.

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