Monday, 30 September 2013

My Awesome Bike Ride with my Family by Caitlin

The Magnificent Bike Ride

On Sunday the 29th Septemeber My Mum, Dad, Sister and myself went for a really long bike ride. It was a good day to go for a bike ride so we decided that we should go. I took my bag and put my water bottle in it. It was time to leave we started to ride our bikes and went through Panmure. We biked down Riverview road to get to the Panmure Bridge.

We biked across the Panmure Bridge and went to the Panmure Wharf. There was a reserve next to the wharf. We followed the path to get to the entry. When we got there we thought that it would be easy but it wasn't it was really hard. The reserve was really we saw lots of dogs going for a walk. We stopped a few times to take a break. I was in the front until my sister came in front of me. 

Finally we got to the park it was so awesome it was a snakes and ladders park. There were 2 big dices that you had to spin. I versed my mum to see who could get to the end first. There were ladders but instead of snakes there were slides. I won the game so I was the champion of the game. I only went down the slide once so that was good. We had to leave to start riding back. We were very fast riding back. When we left we biked back to Panmure to have some lunch. We had Sushi it was really yummy. It was time to leave so we could go home so we left and went home. As soon as I got home I ran inside and lied down on my bed. The bike ride was so awesome I hope we can do it again.


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