Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Instructions on how to make a Friedrich Vordemberge Gildewart painting by Caitlin

Title: How I created my Friedrich Vordemberge Gildewart Painting
Equipment List:
Example of the painting
1 x 30cm ruler
1 HB pencil
Poster size of an A2 paper
Paint T-shirt
2 x Paintbrushes 1 thick paint brush & 1 thin paintbrush
Paint - Three coloured paints

1. Plot dots every 5cm across (Horizontal) on your A2 paper.
2. Draw your lines going across on every 5cm you have marked out.
3. Plot dots every 5cm going down (Vertically) on your A2 paper
4. Draw your lines going down, make sure you draw your line along every 5cm mark.
5. Number the coordinates on your A2 paper.
6. Plot a dot in the top left corner from (1,4) going diagonally down and plot a dot from (1,3) going down to make the shape of a triangle.
7. To draw the next triangle it will be much easier. From (2,4) draw the line straight down, this triangle should be inside the triangle we just drew.
8. Plot a dot on the bottom right corner (8,9) and (11,6) to make your triangle.
9. Now you have to draw the rest of your art outline. When you have finished that rub out your grid lines lightly.
10. Pick your 3 acrylic paints for example my colours were blue, white and red.
11. Mark your spots that you are going to paint. When you have done that, you can start painting using your base colour.
12. Plot the dots on the next space that you are going to paint and then start mixing and blending to make lighter and darker shades of your choice.
13. Find a contrasting colour to paint the fine lines in your artwork.
14. Once you have finished your painting you will need to let it dry.
15. Use a hairspray to make your artwork look nice and shiny


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