Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Matinee Reflection by Caitlin

My Matinee Reflection by Caitlin 

 Today at 11:00am we performed in front of Tamaki Primary’s Juniors and a lot of parents. Our performance was second to last. We were all excited to go on stage for our performance. Finally it was our turn to go on stage but it was raining so most of our props were soaking wet and for some people were really cold. Aoraki and his brothers were first to go on stage along with the Narrator, Ducks, Fish, Flowers, Trees, Rangi and Papa. I think that some of us need to speak louder and more clearer. When the Mokopuna (Samantha, Oh S’mar, Jasmine and Myself) and Tuterakiwhano go on stage Patrick uses a loud clear voice. When we start sailing I hang out of the waka because there is not that much space in the waka. When Hine Nui I Te Po (Fine) and the Sandfly (Yvette) come on stage the sandfly could make buzzing noises. I feel that today we did an excellent performance.


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