Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Burning House

House Fire

Once upon a time there was a couple who lived in a massive house. Their names were Margaret and Andy they had 2 daughters their names were Elizabeth and Cece. Elizabeth and Cece were spoilt little girls. What ever they wanted they got. They went to a private school for girls. The mum and dad started arguing. The girls didn’t like when they argued because they would stay up all night arguing. The neighbours could even hear them arguing. When Elizabeth and Cece came home they saw that their mum was sleeping. “WAKE UP MUM!!” shouted Cece. So the mum woke up. The mum was making the girls afternoon tea. They had Mini Pizza’s, Fruit salad and a drink. “Thanks Mum” said the girls this looks very delicious. The girls went to there room because they were tired. When their dad got home it was 6:30pm. The girls woke up for dinner they were starving. For dinner the dad made Spaghetti Bolognese. He started cooking the dinner for his family. He fell asleep while the stove was on. The two girls came down stairs “AAAA!!! THE WHOLE KITCHEN WAS ON FIRE” they screamed in horror. The mother came down the stairs and saw that the kitchen was on fire. “Get out of here” she said to the girls. As she feared for her life she was trying to wake up the dad but he was listening. Finally the flames were starting to go ever. The smell of smoke was coming from the kitchen. Cece grabbed her phone and called 911 she asked for the Fire Department to come as quick as possible. The Fire Department came but it was to late the house was burnt right down to the ground. The mum made it out of the house but sadly the dad didn’t. The whole family were in tears. All of their memories and their photo books were gone. 3 years later the family were living in a smaller house. They also had 2 dogs. The family still remembered the incident but they felt happy that they had moved on from that day. THE END


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